There are many things to do in and surrounding the La Fortuna/Arenal area, and our receptionist will be happy to help you plan a schedule that will allow you to experience the best of Costa Rica at your desired pace. We at The Lost Iguana want you to enjoy your stay and experience the beauty of the land and the warmth of the locals. We hope that our suggestions help guide you and save you money. Most tours can be purchased from the hotel. We give discounts on some of the popular tours. These are our top recommendations. We hope you also allow time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the jungle from your balcony. Our hotel has some beautiful paths that will let you explore the rain forest.

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Photos of area activities and events

White Water Rafting- Levels II & III

Both safari floats and exciting white water rafting is available. Only 15 minutes from La Fortuna.  Set in the lowlands of the rainforest with breathtaking view of tropical birds and lush jungle landscapes, this river offers a wide range of options for first time paddlers looking for a class III challenge or families interested in a class I and III paddle trip.

Hanging Bridges

This attraction is only a walking path away from The Lost Iguana Resort. It is an easy 2 mile trail through 618 acres of virgin rain forest. The trail loops around and boasts a number of impressive bridges, ranging from 16 to 330 feet long. Not for those who are afraid of heights! Early morning and evening guided tours available by appointment only. They have a fast food restaurant, reasonable prices, and incredible panoramic view of the lake and volcano.

La Fortuna Waterfall

If your legs are in conditions for a steep climb, this is a beautiful waterfall that should not be missed. It is a 15 minute climb down to the base of the waterfall and a 30 minute climb back up. The park is now discouraging swimming at the base of the fall, hikers can go a little further down the river where it widens and is a beautiful, clear, shallow spot for bathing.


There are several mineral baths in the Arenal area, but Tabacon is the only one that is not pumped to create pools. Tabacon has a mineral river heated by the volcano to nearly 100 degrees. The river has been divided into a number of separate pools and waterfalls where guests can wander and soak in beautifully landscaped hot pools.

 Sky Tram Canopy Tour

Our most popular adventure tour!! Take a tram up through the Canopy and see amazing views of Arenal Lake and the volcano. You can opt to return on the Tram or take the zip lines down. There are 2 short zip lines at the top, so those faint of heart may chicken out. But don’t! It’s an adventure of a lifetime to fly through the jungle and it will be a memory you’ll never forget. Highly recommended.

Other Popular Side Trips

  • Arenal Canapy Tour
  • Fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, or pleasure boating on Arenal Lake
  • Arenal Volcano Hike
  • Venado Caves
  • Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge
  • Tours to Monteverde (Beware: this is a long drive due to horrible roads.)
  • For more information on local tours see the video at our front desk